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CPC"Baby Sitting Mama"Volume: 1,000/mo | CPC: $0.96"Botany Courses"Volume: 1,600/mo | CPC: $2.65"Dental Hygentist"Volume: 320/mo | CPC: $7.62“How to Grow Avocado”Volume: 40,500/mo | CPC: $0.15"How To Remove Acrylic Nails"Volume: 40,500/mo | CPC: $1.01
"How To Remove Virus From Computer"Volume: 1,600/mo | CPC: $1.61"Job Resume Templates"Volume: 5,400/mo | CPC: $2.89"Learning-Language"Volume: 2,110/mo | CPC: $1.62"Make a Blog for Free"Volume: 4,400/mo | CPC: $5.79"Mobile virus protection"Volume: 91/mo | CPC: $5.98"Need To Write"Volume: 28/mo | CPC: $1.45"Nurses Certification"Volume: 46/mo | CPC: $7.96"Only Novel"Volume: 10/mo | CPC: $0.00 |"Parental control internet"Volume: 1,900/mo | CPC: $1.77"Portuguese Phrases"Volume: 8,100/mo | CPC: $0.74